Welcome to DIY Actuary.

August 3, 2012 in Updates

We had provided service at actuary.brightsea.ca for a while. Now we are happy to introduce this totally redesigned website for SOA exams preparers.

Here are the major changes for this new designed website:

  • Domain Name :  instead of a sub-domain name under brightsea.ca, we now have an independent domain name diyactuary.com . We call it DIY actuary and it means that this website will provide do-it-yourself helps for SOA exams preparers.
  • Exam Library: based on the most popular blog platform, wordpress, we can organize our exam library more efficiently. Compare to old site, each question now has an individual permanent URL, users can easily bookmark this question, share with others and most importantly, users can use comment system to make any comments for this question.
  • CBT tests: users can now customize his or her tests more feasible. User now can not only randomly select questions to be tested, but also select any questions as they like from exam library to be tested. And all test history will be kept for future review.
  • Knowledge Library: as we mentioned in our old website, this is an ambitious project to provide graphic and intuitive explanations of the the knowledge  related to actuary. We have some demo pages at old website but nothing at this new site at this first release, we expect that more and more will eventually put at here since we now have this excellent wordpress platform  to cooperate.
  • Forums:   based on bbpress , we now have a fully functional forums, users can discuss anything related to this website and actuary exams at here.
  • Community: based on buddypress, we now have a fully functional community, users can create different groups and create group forums, send message between easy other and see activities of whole community.
  • Membership management: our new membership management is based on very popular s2member plugin for wordpress, it provide ultra security protect  and  powerful extensions. Sign up as a member is very easy and totally free. By become a member, user can do CBT tests, post at Forums and participate Community activities.
  • Global search: user now can globally search  information at this site.

Enjoy this and any suggestions are very welcome.